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India tours online has carefully selected a range of Hotels and Jungle Lodges throughout India, ranging from basic budget hotels, to 5 star luxury hotels. On most of our India tours, we offer a option of several different accommodation categories...

02Luxury Trains in India

Luxury train travel in India, though has been around for the last almost 30 years, since the introduction of the Palace on Wheels, has recently gained a lot of popularity, and tourists to the Indian subcontinent, now seem to have discovered...

03Himalayan Getaways

India tours online offers a large variety of Himalayan Getaways. With some of the world’s highest peaks, and some of the world’s most photographed mountain ranges, India offers a unique opportunity to see and experience the Himalayas at close...

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The Indian subcontinent is huge and diverse, and it does not fail to cast a spell on anyone who travels through it. Visitors to India are charmed, inspired and bemused by its diverse sights, sounds and smells – it is a holiday destination unlike any other in the World. The Indian subcontinent is perhaps the only destination in the World where in a two week holiday, you can do a high altitude trek, do a wildlife safari in a National Park, spend a night lazily cruising the backwaters, ride a Camel in the desert, spend time gazing at the Taj Mahal, and still have time to relax on a beach !! India has all this and much more …

Book your India tour with India Tours Online, and let our India travel specialists give you the holiday of your dreams. What makes India Tours Online unique and special is the fact that each of our consultants has over 30 years of experience of handling and designing tours in the Indian subcontinent, and most of them have personally experienced the product and the destinations. Click on any of the links below and find the India tour that is perfect for you, or email us your requirements, and let us custom design your tour.

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