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From : dfgood
To :
Sent : 01 March 2014 09:56
Subject : For Rajesh with many thanks from Darren and Fiona Thorogood

Dear Rajesh,
I am writing as I wish to thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable trip to India. Everything for us has run smoothly and we have enjoyed everything we have seen and done.
We particularly want to thank you for the wonderful service given to us by our driver Sandeep Kumar (from Himachal Pradesh). He is an asset to your travel company! All along the way we have felt safe and comfortable. Sandeep has been courteous and attentive in doing such things as providing bottled water everyday, buying us sweets and biscuits and even a bag of mandarins with no charge to us. He is always ready on time with a smile on his face and a very warm greeting. His driving is exemplary, always travelling at safe speeds, never appearing to be in a hurry. We believe that he has always had our safety and comfort at the top of his priority list. Again, he is a credit to Trans India Holidays. We will certainly recommend him to any future clients that we speak to.

Warm Regards
Darren & Fiona Thorogood
From : Virginia Hess
To : Trans India Holidays - ds
Sent : 17 February 2014 23:34
Subject : Re: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya,
We are all back safe and sound. Our trip was amazing! Wow! What a great country and so many fascinating experiences. Thanks for all your help. The guides and drivers were very good, especially the guide in Delhi. He was very knowledgeable and funny. We liked the van in Mumbai much better than the van from Jaipur onwards. Having a Trans India contact meet us at the different locations as well was very reassuring.
We will highly recommend your company and use it again for any future trips!

Virginia Hess
From : Carol Gold
To :
Sent : 15 February 2014 21:12
Subject : Our trip to India in November /December

Dear Rajesh,
Sorry for the delay in contacting you. We wish to express our thanks for the superb holiday you organised for us in your lovely country. Everything from start to finish was perfectly planned and executed from our first pick-up in Delhi to the farewell in Mumbai. Thank you to all your holiday reps, drivers and guides who were exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and polite in every case. The standard of each hotel was first class, especially Rohet Garh and Mumbai.
Special thanks are due of course to our almost full-time driver, Mr Singh, who was most personable and caring, with nothing being too much trouble.
Thank you for a most memorable holiday. We shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to everyone.

Best wishes
Carol Gold and Larry Welch
From : Dr.Pal and Uma
To :
Sent : 20 January 2014 14:06
Subject : RE: Holiday package

Dear TransIndia Holidays,
I am writing this letter in recognition of our satisfaction and happiness with regards to our holiday through TransIndia. My name is Dr. Palvannan Sivalingam and I booked a holiday package through TransIndia for my family and myself in December 2013.
From our arrival in New Delhi to our departure from Jaipur, we were always aided by a friendly staff member. At all times we were never left alone, made felt uncomfortable or felt lost. All staff, including local agents, tour guides and drivers were exceptional in their service and we would like to thank them for their efforts. All combined, they allowed us to make the most of our once in a lifetime holiday.
I would like to make special mention to the tour guides throughout our holiday in New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. They were comforting, friendly, caring, punctual and most importantly knowledgeable. They knew their cities inside out! All sightseeing plans were always our first choice, and the guide would accommodate proceedings at all costs for our needs and desires only. They were completely flexible. For example, we changed our itinerary slightly so that we arrived in Jaipur half a day earlier than scheduled. We cancelled our last game drive in Ranthambore so that we could spend more in Jaipur sightseeing. All arrangements including transport and accommodation were made efficiently and professionally for this slight change to run smoothly. As an added bonus, TransIndia organised the tour guide to accompany us that same afternoon which wasn’t part of the original plan either. We found this extremely beneficial. Apart from being knowledgeable, they were able to build a strong relationship with us in a short space of time. By the end of the day, we didn’t want to say goodbye to them! In summary, we couldn’t have been happier with each and every one of them.
All local agents were also outstanding in their services. Looking at our itinerary before the holiday, our only concern was the overnight train trip from Umaria to Agra. We had never travelled on an Indian train like this before and felt a bit nervous, especially with the amount of luggage we were carrying. Fortunately, our travel on the train was made as smooth as possible. Two agents plus both drivers accompanied us to the train station at Umaria, and transported our luggage onto the train (the train only stopped at Umaria for 2 minutes). In addition to this, one of the agents stayed with us on the train until the next stop, making sure we had settled in with no problems. We really appreciated this. As soon as we got of the train carriage, the local agent at Agra was there to escort us to our hotel – a truly luxurious treatment!
All accommodation booked through TransIndia holidays was absolutely of the highest quality. Our stay was luxurious and we were well looked after at all times.
All in all, my family had an unforgettable holiday. We thank TransIndia for allowing us to make the best out of the holiday. It was definitely worth the money. We will definitely suggest travelling with TransIndia, to any family or friends who intend on going to India. We hope to holiday with you again in the near future.
On additional note, we managed to sight 9 tigers (including charging tiger in Bandhavargh ) together in all 3 parks.

Thank You
From : Marcela Hronesova
To : Trans India Holidays-RK
Sent : 17 December 2013 21:27
Subject : RE: North to South India tour

Dear Sandhya,
thank you so much for arranging all of the details for my trip in India. I had a fantastic vacation!! Everyone from your company was so nice and professional, I didn't have to worry about anything. I haven't had such relaxing vacation in a long time. I am already thinking about coming to India next year and to do some sort of customized trip in the North if that's possible.... I'll let you know the details later on.
Thanks again for your help and I'll talk to you later...

From : Nathan Sprenger
To : Trans India Holidays-RK
Sent : Sunday, August 04, 2013 8:18 PM
Subject : Thank You

Dear Sandhya,
We have been back home from India for more than two weeks now but wanted to mention that we had a wonderful time on the Trans India trip we took from July 9-14 (Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur) and wanted to truly thank you for all of your hard work in putting such a wonderful tour together in a short time. The guides were knowledgeable and helpful and our driver was truly amazing in navigating through all these cities. Please note that and let them know although we did thank them in person of course.
We have since recommended Trans India to others and even gave your info to some family friends who are in India now. We will certainly give Trans India a great review on Trip Adviser.
Thank you again for everything and all the best to you.

With sincere gratitude
Nathan Sprenger
From : Gerhard Thrakl
To : 'Trans India Holidays-rk'
Sent : Friday, January 15, 2010 1:32 AM
Subject : AW: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya,
we are now back at home after a wonderful trip through India. We like to say thank you for the excellently organized trip from your side. All the hotels have met our expectations and some exceeded them. Only in Agra (Mughal Sheraton) we had a little problem. We were told by your colleague to be invited to the Sylvester gala dinner (was even printed on the hotel voucher).  As they were booked out, we had to take dinner in our room by our own charge. The hotel itself was brilliant.

Your representatives in the different cities have all been very authentic, nice and cooperatively. Even the drivers have been very kindly and we felt safety during the tour.

Altogether we enjoyed the perfect trip to your country. We will recommend your company to our friends.

Thanks and best regards
Anita, Clemens & Gerhard
PS. We are planning to go to the Maldives next year. Could you also offer resorts there (especially Taj Resort)
From : Judit Nemeth
To : Trans India Holidays (rk)
Sent : Monday, February 23, 2009 8:07 PM
Subject : Re: North India Trip

Dear Atul,
We returned without difficulty to  Hungary. First of all I would like to thank you and all collegaues for the well organized tour. We visited all places what we wanted. Your country is wonderful and very rich in seeing. The representatives of  your office were in time always. They were very heplful and kind. The drivers were the same. The cars are very cleaned, in good condition. About the hotels: Delhi - it is convenient, Varanasi - there wasn't hot water and the electric network is dangerous to life ( there wasn't light beside the bed and we would have liked to move the standing light  to the bed, the plug came out from the wall, all lights turned off, it was dark in the room), Khajuraho - excellent!!!!, Agra - it is convenient, Corbett - very simple. The staff is very polite everywhere. Guides: Varanasi - good, helpful, his knowledge is OK, Khajuraho - good, qualified, Agra - EXCELLENT !!!!!!! ( he was the top! he  spoke about the history of India and about Tadj during 3 hours !!!! ) Corbett - the safari driver was EXCELLENT !!! the guide was very good!! Delhi - this old man doesn't speak English fluently, that's why he could tell only the visible, knowned, simple things without  any special  (.... see Agra!!! ).He didn't want to show us the Red Fort from inside but I explaned him that we would like to enter in anyway. He was the best in the hindu temple, it seemed to me that it belongs to his life, he knows the most about it. Luckily we visited all sites what was planed by you.  There wasn't any problem during our stay ( except the departure to Corbett but the arrival time wasn't important ) . We saw a lot  and enjoyed  the tour.

Thank you again!!
From : Leslie Bush
To : Trans India Holidays-rk
Sent : Monday, December 28, 2009 10:50 AM
Subject : Re: India holiday

Just a quick note to tell you we had a wonderful time in India.

All of the accommodation you arranged for us was better than we had hoped, particularly the Hotel Gajner Palace which was superb. All of the guides were informative and helpful. Your itinerary was spot on - thankyou very much.

We especially want to mention Rakesh our driver. He was not only a good driver and good company, he also assisted us above and beyond when our youngest daughter got sick. We really appreciated his help and would recommend him to any other visitors who may be touring India in the future.

Once again thankyou for all your assistance. We will certainly recommend Trans india Holidays to our friends.

Lesley & Craig
From : Annabelle Warren
To : India Tours Online - Trans India Holidays
Sent : Monday, February 08, 2010 9:09 AM
Subject : RE: Balance payment from Annabelle Warren

Dear Kapil,
You are marvelous!
Cam and I had a fabulous time, and the organisation was FLAWLESS.
The hotels, palaces, forts and B&Bs were terrific, with very friendly staff.
The guides were all extremely helpful and flexible. The one in Jaipur even managed to get us into a local Polo match – so that was wonderful.

It didn’t matter if our train was meant to arrive at 7am, and was delayed until 2pm. We were still met at every airport, train station or new city by your agents.

Our India trip was so EASY. Everything was so well organised.
We also ate really well, and Cam gained about 5 kilos. We were 100% healthy the entire trip.

But of everything, our driver Ram Singh was just fantastic. He was so helpful and great company. He helped us when we went to local schools, temples and places such as the cattle fair in Naguur by showing us extra places and translating. His English was certainly more than adequate. He was always keen to make little side trips and was totally lovely.

Thank you for all your help and assistance. Great advice, which meant we had a great trip.

Cheers, Cheers and Cheers to you and all your team.
From : Mel Sumner
To :
Sent : Wednesday, April 07, 2010 5:53 PM
Subject : Waring party travelling with Trailfinders

Dear Sirs,
My husband Michael Waring and I travelled to Delhi on the 27th March 2010 returning to London on the 4th April 2010.During our tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur you provided to us our guides and drivers.

I wanted to write to you to commend you on the excellent service that was provided to us .During the entire trip all the arrangements ran smoothly .Most of all I wanted to say what an excellent service was provided to us by our driver .Despite the fact he was away from his family and driving long distances each day he was always smiling ..He drove impeccably well and even pointed out places of interest to us .He was always waiting for us when we needed him and was thoroughly reliable .He is a credit to your company and I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to friends.

Mel Waring
From : Jill Tehan
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Tuesday, July 31, 2007 10:42 AM
Subject : Thank you

Dear Ashu,
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful itinerary. We had a great time in your fascinating country. Thank heavans for digital cameras as I have a visual diary of the sights and the people. Prem our driver was terrific, a very competant driver and a pleasure to spend our 15 days with. The guides also were very giving of themselves about the history and culture but also about contemporary India.What a great range of accomodation we enjoyed! My head is full of many facts, figures and stories of your amazing country.

Many thanks again with kind regards,
PS: many thaks for coping with our 2:30 am arrival!
From : Floresmeyer Mauricio-a2497c
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Friday, July 20, 2007 2:24 AM
Subject : RE: Your India Trip

Dear Kapil,
I am sorry I did not write to you before thanking you for the wonderful trip you organized for us. I can not describe how much we appreciate the friendliness of all the people that provided their kind services to us, from the drivers, the tour guides, your representatives in the different cities, they were very helpful and made us feel at home in India. I have shown the pictures we took to many friends and shared our experiences and I am sure some of them will like to contact you in the future to travel to India.

Many many thanks and if you are ever in Mexico, I would love to meet you and try an reciprocate a little.

With our warmest regards,
From : Julian Lamborn
To : Trans-India Holidays
Sent : Monday, February 05, 2007 5:18 AM
Subject : Thanks!

Dear Ashu,
Sandra and I would like to thank you for organizing our 32 day India travel program that finished last week. Everything (apart from the early morning driver at Amritsar) went according to plan and we will remember the sights, sounds and smells of India for a long time to come. The drivers and guides were unfailingly helpful and the hotels arranged for us provided, in many cases, a great back-drop to the history and beauty of the country.

Should you need us to recommend your company's services to any future prospective clients please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be only too willing to tell others of the high level of service we experienced working with Trans-India Holidays.

Julian Lamborn
From : Mandy Wisson
To : ''
Sent : Thursday, February 22, 2007 6:41 PM
Subject : RE: Your India Trip

At last I have a few moments to reply to you.
We are so pleased that you enjoyed receiving your bouquet of flower .It was our pleasure to send as we have appreciated all your hard work in arranging the trip for us.

The first week travelling through Delhi, Agra, Jaipur was just fantastic, quality of hotels excellent, our driver superb, we felt quite safe in his hands, he would stop for comfort breaks etc and was most considerate. We loved to see the ordinary people go about their daily lives, the cattle on the roads, the rich agriculture, the brick fields etc etc.

Our guide in Agra was excellent – knowledgeable, and his professionalism were outstanding. The one in Delhi did like using his own phone a lot and did receive a lot of calls during the day – which I do think is a little unprofessional, but his knowledge was good. Jaipur his knowledge was good and was very topical in conversation which was most interesting again English and knowledge very good. Overall we were very pleased.

All flights were good.

Our stay in S Goa, was most relaxing it’s a shame we couldn’t get the Taj Exotica but understand that the Cricket team were booked there. None the less we enjoyed the peace and quiet, the amenities that the resort offered were excellent. The White Sands was a slight let down, certainly in food but we had been staying in 5 star which were top notch.

In hind sight the only alteration I would have made, was to come back to Mumbia a day early so that we could have had a days sight seeing in the City and also this would have meant that we would not have had a 5am start. But you can always be wiser after the event. We have thoroughly recommend Trans India Holidays. As you appreciate when travelling you meet a lot of people and they want to know how you have got on.

We have wonderful memories, India is certainly a growing country I hope that the infrastructure of the Europeans, money, will not spoil the simplicity of these very genuine people and a lovely countryside.

Kind regards,
John and Mandy Wisson
From : Daniel La Luz
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Thursday, January 18, 2007 7:56 AM
Subject : Our India Trip

Hello, Ashu
Now we are back from our unforgettable trip to India and Nepal.

We want to thank you and your associate tour operators in the places we visited for making our stay a truly extraordinary experience. Everything was so well planned that all our needs were anticipated and taken care of. The hotels were perfect, to say it in one word. In Mumbai, we moved into the palace wing of the Taj Mahal hotel so as to have the same level of room comfort and amenities we had enjoyed at the other hotels.

From the welcome at Delhi Airport to the farewell in Mumbai, it was all great !
If we have to rate TransIndia Holidays for its service, we'll give it an A +.

Thank you !
Orietta and Daniel La Luz
Toa Alta, Puerto Rico
From : Roger and Linda Smither
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Monday, January 15, 2007 2:13 AM
Subject : Our India Trip

Dear Ashu,
Now that we have returned to London after the independently-organised South Indian part of our trip, I am writing to say a big "thank you" to you and everybody else at Trans India who put together our first ten days in Northern India. All your arrangements worked very well, and as a result we had a fantastic time. We saw some really beautiful things - architecture, culture, craftsmanship and wildlife - and have come back loaded down with thousands of wonderful memories, hundreds of photographs, and dozens of souvenirs. It has all added up to a truly memorable experience.

I should stress that we were very pleased with ALL your arrangements, and with ALL the staff who met and helped us along the way, but if we were handing out awards, I would have to say that we particularly appreciated:
the services of our wonderful driver, Mr Himmat Singh, for almost the whole trip
the attention of your representative, Assad, in Ranthambore - in spite of his being injured in a traffic accident while we were there
the architecture, the facilities and the view at the Mughal Sheraton hotel in Agra
the knowledge and humour of the guide you found for us in Jaipur, whose name I am afraid I have mislaid.
Thank you again for making this holiday possible for us. We shall certainly be recommending Trans India to any of our friends who are planning a visit to your extraordinary country.

With best wishes from my husband, Roger, my daughter, Sophie, and myself
Linda Smither
London SE23 3SQ, UK
From :
To :
Cc :
Sent : Tuesday, January 09, 2007 1:01 PM
Subject : Trip

Good morning Ashu,
I am now safely back home and reviewing the photographs from my trip...and what a trip it was. Ashu, it far exceeded my expectations at so many levels.

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your patience and tenacity and ensuring all of our requests were reviewed, and finally met. I think aside from a couple of the meet and greet people, all the transfers went very smoothly vis a vis airport arrivals and departures. Same goes for the hotel meet and greet people...except for Varanasi, everything went according to plan.

As a follow up, I have a couple of comments.
1. The driver of any vehicle should always keep on hand several bottles of water. This is especially important for the long drives.
2. The detailed Final Itinerary -- there should be a copy for each client, not just one per couple. In fact, could you email me the final version since the fellow in Varanasi kept mine and I don't have it any longer and it is important for historical value to me.
3. Varanasi -- never, never, put any guest in a Superior room when one asks for a deluxe room. I was shocked and horrified with the quaity of the Taj Ganges. Not having seen the upper two floors which clearly looked better from the halls, the other floors were a disaster. Ashu, again thank you. I would appreciate receiving a copy of the final itinerary that was changed from the earlier version.

All the best,
From : Alison Russell
To : 'Trans India Holidays'
Sent : Sunday, December 03, 2006 12:12 PM
Subject : travel in india

Dear Mirtunjay,
We have now returned to Australia and I am writing to thank you for your excellent service. Everything ran very smoothly. I would also like to thank Vivek who, unfortunately for him, had to meet us in the middle of the night at Delhi airport and also CM who drove us to Jaipur from Delhi. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and informative.

We will highly recommend Trans India Holidays to anyone travelling to India.

Kind regards
Alison and Martin
From :
To :
Sent : Monday, November 20, 2006 2:25 PM
Subject : Re: : India Trip 23/10 - 08 /11

Dear Sandhya Semwal,
I would like to thank you for making the arrangements for our recent holiday. India is truly an 'incredible' place. On our behalf would you also relay our grateful thanks to the guides and drivers we had the pleasure of meeting throughout our trip. Their service was excellent. Without exception they were extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. The hotel and resturaunt staff were also efficient and so friendly.

My husband and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Sincere thanks
Di Reilly
From : Giampietro De Nardo
To : 'Trans India Holidays'
Sent : Tuesday, September 12, 2006 1:52 PM
Subject : Re: Your India Trip

Dear Vipin,
I want to say you THANK YOU for our trip in India, the organisation was perfectly.
When we decide to visit an other part of India we will ask you for our next trip

Thank you and best regards (ciao ciao)
Giampietro De Nardo
From : Gill Dias
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Friday, March 17, 2006 10:38 PM
Subject : Thank you!

Dear Ashu and colleagues,
Just wanted to write a BIG thank you!
Our trip through India from North to South was amazing...
We were met by all representatives on time and our drivers and guides were brilliant, all very knowledgable and friendly.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in all chosen and recommended hotels especially Shiv Nivas, Coconut Lagoon and Brunton Boatyard. We ate the most wonderful food in hotels and restaurants, I recommend Bukarra at the Maurya Sheraton in Delhi!

I want to thank you again for helping me organise the trip and coordinating flights, times, hotels, drivers etc so that everything went like clockwork. We never had to worry about a thing... And everyone was courteous and helpful, especially when I left my passport in Udaipur on the plane to Mumbai!

We were already talking about our next holiday back to India to discover the East coast and more of the North and South!

Many Thanks again,
Gillian and Albrecht
London, UK
From : Charles Segar
To : Trans India Holidays
Sent : Sunday, February 26, 2006 6:44 PM
Subject : thank you

Dear Ashu,
I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your colleagues at Trans India Holidays for making our holiday in India so trouble free and enjoyable. We were impressed by the efficient and professional handling of the programme by your team and your representatives. We were met on time at the promised times by courteous and helpful staff, and we found every tour guide friendly and knowlegeable. In particular, we appreciate the courtesy, helpfulness and safe driving of both DC for the Golden Triangle sector and JB for the Kerala sector of the holiday. It took a while to get used to the roads in India, but we always felt safe with these two drivers at the wheels.

We had a fantastic time in India, a place truly of wonderful experiences and contrasts. There are many highlights for us - the Taj Mahal, the palaces and forts of Rajasthan, the wildlife at Periyar and Kumarakom, the riceboat ride at Coconut Lagoon, the excellent food, the super hotels, the local crafts.......

Only one item was not as expected. We thought we arranged a whole day on the riceboat (your document said 10am - 6pm with all meals). In spite of promises made at the hotel and effort on my part, we were made to wait until 11.30am to get on board and were given only lunch on board.

Having said that, the day out on the lake and backwaters was a wonderfully fulfilling and relaxing experience. The boat crew could not have done more to make us comfortable and the lunch was a feast of culinary delights! many thanks to Joseph the cook. Marilyn and I have placed India at the top of our list for a holiday next year - probably January, when we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Best Regards
Charles Segar
From : JAMES arnott
To :
Sent : Thursday, April 27, 2006 10:52 AM
Subject : Thank you for our holiday.

To the management and staff, Trans India Holidays. From the moment I and my friend, Beverley Wangman arrived and was greeted at the Delhi Airport on the 5th of February, this year, our stay in India was one of great enjoyment. Your organising of staff to greet us, telephone us at each city we visited to see if we were alright, to arrange our guides for the tours was outstanding. the driver of our car, Murli Dhar had an excellent knowledge of the cities we visited and his driving, was superb. His command of the English was not the best but we were able to communicate with him fairly well. There was one incident, we did not understand. Our guide to the Agra Fort on the 10th of February, seemed not to be the one that your company had arranged and had we not been intercepted by your company representatives as we left the fort, we could have been embarrassed, thanks again. Your giudes were all of high standard. The staff at each of the hotels were very friendly and helpful. The food good. Once again, thank you for making our holiday a memorable one. We were in India from February 5th to 17th. James Arnott, 29 Wonthaggi Road, Inverloch, 3996, Australia. ( )

From : John Mellers
To : Sandhya
Sent : Tuesday, September 12, 2006 11:26 AM
Subject : Thanks

Hi Sandyha,
Thanks for another great holiday - everything worked smoothly and much was beyond our expectation (as it was last time).
We especially appreciated the car seatbelts from Chennai to Cochin. We did miss them elsewhere.
Our drivers were all very good - careful.

The Taj, Park and Trident Hotels were magnificent. For location, the Taj at Thekkady, the De la Orient at Pondicherry and the Ambassador at Mumbai were much appreciated for their easy access to the town (city). Coconut Lagoon and the Houseboat were just great for a short break.

Thank you too, Sandyha for your recomended visit time. We had no inconvenience from the rain or from crowds of tourists. The contrast of the south with Rajastan and the Golden Triangle added depth to the experience. Dravidians vs Aryans, temples vs forts, green versus deserts.

Mumbai was a big surprise. We found it a very easy place, more so than Chennai.

Thanks again Sandyha.
What do you recomend for next time?
John Mellers

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